About BioTrack

BioTrack is a software system designed for use by certified organic farmers, organic food manufacturers, and other organic businesses (shops, restaurants and wholesalers). It incorporates a wide range of accounting, stock control, farm enterprise management, food safety certification and control (HACCP), product traceability, document management and order processing to help you to automate your entire organic business and manage the very specific demands of the organic food industry.

BioTrack was born out of a frustration with the overwhelming amount of regulatory controls (and hence paperwork) faced by small, medium sized organic producers. Not only do organic farmers and producers have the normal burden of routine bookkeeping and tax accounting, they also face an increasingly complex food safety regulatory burden,  which necessitate a huge amount of documented controls, management of your HACCP, but in addition, the organic producer is faced with the additional layer of organic controls of traceability and auditing.

Whilst we will all agree that these controls are important and necessary, the fact remains that these controls are somewhat overwhelming for a micro business, sole trader, small cooperative or family cottage industry. Many of the controls which the organic producer is obliged to put in place were designed for large food companies with large budgets and a large staff not a small family business or village cooperative.

So …….. in response to this situation, the owners of  Cortijo Cornelio, an organic farm and organic manufacturer in Spain, decided to design and build a fully-integrated system to address the problems of the small organic industry, the organic farmer and others involvd in the certified organic industry. Fortunately we had some 50 years of combined software design and development experience in-house to allow us to make this happen!

We decided to build a system with the following characteristics:

  •  Best of breed – We would use the best, safest, fastest database available to corporate industry – Oracle 10g with Oracle APEX technology
  •  Economical – We want you to have BIG BUSINESS SOFTWARE on a small business budget. BioTrack is not expensive to use!
  •  Hassle free – nothing to install for the farmer / producer – so a “Cloud system”  – all you need is an internet connection
  •  Easy to learn – with full online video training and a set of web user manuals with examples, and telephone support if needed.
  •  Excellent support – You will never wait more than 24 hours (average less than 2 hours) for support
  •  Completely integrated – everything links together….. so incoming Invoices link to accounts, stock control and material / product traceability etc.
  •  Paperless – Allows you to store invoices, certifications, any document in fact, in the database
  •  Breaks the red-tape barrier to innovation – allows you to create new HACCPs and new Health certification applications for new products
  •  Transparent and Time saving – allows your accountant, health and organic inspectors to see your paperwork remotely (after your grant them access). Lets your bookkeeper work from home!
  •  Dynamic – manages cost control dynamically, as input prices change your product costings change ….. instantly.
  •  Traceability assured – All inputs and outputs are tracked and cross related
  •  Pro-active – It reminds the producer what needs to be done and when …….  low material stock, certification nearly expired, tax return due etc.
  •  B2B – an interface to your customers with online ordering
  •  eCommerce friendly – allows you to interface with internet shops to get products out to sale
  •  Flexible – can deal with multi enterprise businesses to accomodate the typical organic farm with B&B, shop, farmers market and restaurant scenario as well as the certified organic wholesaler or manufacturer
  •  Scaleable – no limit to the number of users or the number of transactions per annum, no limit to the size of your business.
  •  Totally secure – Oracle’s security is the best in the world. Its in use in every major bank, telecoms company, most government departments in the Western world and, of course, all of the top 5 food producers globally.
  •  Easy to transition – We can help you move your data onboard BioTrack.

 Cornelio Organics (Technical Services) is part of Cortijo Cornelio, based in Colmenar, Málaga Province, Andalucia, Spain: www.cornelio.es

Contact me directly if you would like to have a free trial or to discuss how BioTrack can help you, at malcolm@cornelio.es

Malcolm Coxall

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