BioTrack Features

All of the following features are included in the standard BioTrack user contract. There are no hidden extras. ALL options are potentially available to all users.

When you decide on the type of user you are, then you see only those options which are appropriate to your particular business. However, you can alter your user profile at anytime as your business develops and the extra options become immediately visible to you (at no cost and with zero hassle).


  • Multi-user, multi-business activity within one company. Multiple organic licences / health certifications.
  • Document management: All documents can be stored, searched and retrieved.
  • Automatic email alert system – stock low, special date (inspection/tax etc), document needs renewal, order received etc
  • Online technical library of documents / regulations /standards etc for instant access
  • User configurable reports – all reports within BioTrack can be completely personalised to suit your own requirements, with minimal difficulty.
  • Export data to excel, csf, pdf, word or text files – All data can be exported into several popular file formats.
  • User reports – You can create your own reports, for your own specific needs with a friendly user interface and no technical knowledge.
  • Electronic signature on Health, Organic and Accounting returns
  • Add your own company logos to public documents (invoices, orders, health registries etc)
  • Security: BioTrack is built using Oracle 10g, the world’s most efficient, safe and secure database.
  • Data security(1): The BioTrack database is currently mirrored by 2 failover Oracle servers. In addition, your data is backed up twice daily onto 2 seperate external disk arrays.
  • Data security(2): Every month, you receive a complete archive of your data by email.
  • Data security(3): At any time you can extract any and all your own data in easy to use formats (Excel, CSV, Word, pdf formats).
  • Documentation and Help: BioTrack has a full set of user documentation. Every screen has a fully context sensitive help system.
  • Support(1): Every BioTrack screen encorporates a “Comment” option, where you can make any comment, report a fault, make a suggestion. Your comments come straight to us!
  • Support(2): BioTrack comes with a full set of training videos to help you and your employees get started.
  • Language support: BioTrack is multi-lingual. Individual users can select their preferred language. Bio-Track detects the language of the browser  and user and delivers the software in the chosen language. It is currently available in English and Spanish.



  • Purchase Ledger

    Bookkeeping and Accounts

    Routine Bookkeeping, Accounts, Tax returns

  • Sales Ledger
  • Asset Register and automatic depreciation
  • Order processing – Purchase orders to suppliers
  • Order processing – Sales order processing
  • B2B interface – allows your customers  to order directly from you  on-line.
  • Invoicing – attractive, personalised invoices
  • Customer VAT invoice
  • Wholesale invoicing
  • Customer account management – automatic posting
  • VAT breakout and period end reports
  • VAT and Income Tax Return summary
  • Cash Sales entry
  • Payments Register
  • Sales Adjustments & Credits


  • Automatic stock Deduction (optional)
  • Raw Material Stock control and valuation
  • Finished Product Stock control and valuation
  • Resale Product Stock control and valuation


  • Land Registry (including facility register)
  • Crop / Product definition
  • Agricultural Enterprise definition
  • Agricultural input Register
  • Agricultural Production Register
  • Agricultural Activity Log
  • Agro-enterprise land use register
  • Agro Enterprise analysis (Profit and Loss)
  • Animal Stock register
  • Animal Health Registry
  • Animal Movements Log


  • Supplier definition
  • Supplier document storage and retieval (certifications etc)
  • Raw Material definition and costing
  • Packaging format definitions and costings
  • Finished product definition with ingredient composition
  • Resale product definition
  • E-commerce product export facility for internet shop
  • Dynamic automatic product costing
  • Product price lists for multiple customer types


  • Raw Material reception – batch,
  • Associate invoices with raw material batches
  • Store physical invoice against raw material batch
  • Production Log: Here manufacturers log their production batches
  • Lot numbering: Unique batch numbers can be allocated to your production
  • Ingredient tracking: Allocate multi-ingredient batch numbers to finished product batch
  • Manage “Best before” dates from ingredients to finished products


  • Farm inputs registry
  • Crop harvest registry
  • Supplier certification registry


  • HACCP Design – Create and maintain one or more complete HACCP plan for your enterprise
  • Create and generate a complete Health Certification application for new products
  • Process and process step definition
  • Hazard definition
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Critical Control Point analysis
  • Automated Test and QA generation – during production
  • Water Test Registry
  • Maintenance Test Registry
  • Pest Control Registry
  • Cleaning Registry
  • Temperature Control Registry
  • Employee Training Registry
  • Verification and Audit Registry
  • Product Safety Test Results Registry
  • Autogenerate default results for Water, Maintenance, Pest Control, Cleaning and Temperature Control


  • Create QA checks and frequencies
  • Autogenerate QA Results for a production batch


This graphics interface shows the following business parameters as a series of dynamic graphs, in real time

  • Sales by month
  • Purchases by month / overheads / materials
  • Gross profit by month
  • Net profit by month
  • Overhead Costs by month
  • Production (Kg) by month
  • Overhead breakdown by cost type
  • Raw Materials value received by month
  • Raw Materials Stock value deducted by month


Financial Control & MIS

Financial Control & MIS

To make BioTrack super-flexible, we give you a lot of control over your basic reference data and how it is presented to you. Here are the data you can define for your own business. Part of this data needs to be entered or uploaded before you begin to use BioTrack seriously. We offer an additional service (at a small extra cost) to upload your data for you.

  • Company / Operation
  • Add Company Logos
  • Suppliers
  • Suppliers and Supply Types
  • VAT Rates
  • Expense Types
  • Raw Materials
  • Finished Products
    • Product Formats / Packing Costs
    • Finished Products Definition (Step 1)
    • Finished Product Ingredients & Costings (Step 2)
    • Finished Product Prices (Step 3)
    • Finished Products (Shop descriptions)
  • Resale Products
  • Resale Product Types
  • Customer Types
  • Customers
  • Asset Classes
  • Product Types
  • Stock Control Events
  • HACCP Team
  • Hazard Types
  • Hazards
  • Hazard Severity
  • Risk Level
  • Water Sample Points
  • Water Test Criteria
  • Maintenance Elements
  • Cleaning Elements
  • Monitoring Frequency
  • Pest Types
  • Training Activities
  • Compliance Check Types
  • Compliance Check Methods
  • Compliance Points
  • Test Locations
  • Eco-Certifiers
  • Crop Data
  • Land Registry
  • Cultivation Regimes
  • Agricultural Input Types
  • QA Check definitions


  • Enter Sales Orders
  • Customer online Order Entry
  • Enter / Send  Purchase Order to Supplier


  • Create reminder for a particular date
  • Remind when a supplier certification is out of date
  • Remind when a Raw Material is reaching minimum stock level
  • Remind when a Resale product is reaching minimum stock level
  • Alert when an order is received
  • Remind when a capital asset will be written off
  • Allow / Disable email reminders
  • Progress reminders to completion


  • BioTrack is e-commerce ready. You can export your product definitions directly to a format which can be uploaded to most internet shops.


  • Remote access for Organic certifier – saving time during physical visit
  • Remote access for Health Inspectorate of HACCP and Hygiene records
  • Remote access to Accounting data allowing VAT / PAYE returns and annual returns
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