E-Commerce interface

If you are a small organic producer, one of your major objectives is marketing your product as directly to the public as possible. The internet provides an ideal low cost marketing solution.

One of the practical problems of e-commerce for the small operator is managing the data in your internet shop. It can be  a time consuming business if its managed manually. However most internet shops provide a rapid data upload option, which can dramatically reduce the time needed to manage your shop.

BioTrack provides a “export facility” for you own and resale products which interfaces with most common E-commerce site data import utilities.

It isn’t a very simple process, but once you have completed the whole process once you will be able to add new products, replace entire internet shop data and keep your shop upto date,

BioTrack allows you to export your key product data into an .csv file which can then be edited (if necessary) in Excel and used as a data upload to your E-commerce site.

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