Multi Business

Types of User:

BioTrack is designed specifically to cater for all types of certified organic farm and other certified enterprises. In order to provide the specific functions for a particular type of business, every client user belongs to one or more of the following groups:

  • Organic Arable Farmer
  • Organic MEM Farmer (milk, eggs, meat)
  • Organic Wholesaler
  • Organic Manufacturer
  • Organic Retailer
  • Organic Resataurant

Each of these groups have specific accounting, organic traceability and health certification needs, so it is important to join the appropriate groups to get the correct functionality.

Remote Inspection:

In addition to the commercial users of BioTrack, it is possible for a user to allow the remote inspection of their live data to the following groups of inspectors / advisers:

  • Organic Inspector
  • Health Inspector
  • Accountant and Bookeeper
  • Agricultural Inspector

Remote inspection is a useful facility for everyone because it saves time during a physical inspection because the inspector will already have looked over your data before he arrives. The facility allows read-only access to the appropriate parts of your data and allows an inspector to download the data in a standard format.

Multiple Business Enterprises

These days, few organic farmers are simply just farmers. Many run a farm shop, attend farmers markets, run a B&B, a box scheme, wholesale other organic products. This can cause a paperwork headache because of the differences in accounting, certification, inspection and record keeping.

BioTrack has been designed to permit a single company or self-employed person to have several distinct operations within their business. This is particularly useful in dividing activities which may all be physically under “one roof” but which need to be handled seperately from an accounting or certification point of view. For example, a farm may also have a small cottage industry producing jams, from their own and other producers certified organic produce. In this case, BioTrack allows the two operations to be seperated (each with its own organic and health certifications), but accounted for together.

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