Order Processing

There are 2 types of order:

  1. Outgoing orders to Suppliers
  2. Incoming orders from Customers

BioTrack handles both types of orders:

Outgoing orders to Suppliers

If you make large complex orders to suppliers for raw materials or resale products, it is convenient to automate this job so that it creates a professionally formatted order which you can email or print and send to a supplier. BioTrack allows you to create such an order based on your supplier data and the products that they supply you.

Incoming orders from Customers

There are 2 ways in which Customer orders are processed:

1. Orders incoming from Customers can be manually entered and are automatically costed.

2. Customers can also enter their orders to Bio-Track directly on the internet  (if you grant them access). When a customer enters an order, you will immediatel receive an email to inform you.

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