Remote Inspection and Accounting

Remote access to your data for your inspectors saves time, provides total transparency and allows your inspectors to devote their time during a physical inspection to helping you with more practical issues and problems.

Remote Access to a bookkeeper and accountant saves a lot of hassle and travel time for all concerned. Since BioTrack can be accessed from anywhere, all they need is a login and they can manage your accounts remotely.

Health and Organic Inspections:

Much time is spend during inspection by Organic certifiers and Health Inspectors in reviewing and auditing the traceability records of an organic operator. This vital task is a slow complicated business, which involves tracking a production batch from raw material to finished product, and / or reviewing raw material sources or farm inputs and their supplier documentation and associated supplier certification. Nonetheless it is a vital task in guaranteeing organic quality and health standards.

BioTrack radically improves and centralises your purchase, production and sales records, thus making the process of traceability much simpler. However, you still need to provide this data (including original invoices) to your inspectors.

BioTrack provides a means by which a health inspector or organic inspector can take an early look at your traceability data remotely.

By granting access to the inspectors, you offer a complete suite of reports which give completely transparent access to your full traceability data. If you grant access to your health inspector you also provide acess to your latest complete health and HACCP records.

This facility allows for a more complete and collaberative approach to inspection. It saves time and allows you and your inspectors more time during the physical inspection to discuss issues or problems, which is what an inspection really should be about.

Remote Bookkeeping and Accounting

In a similar way, you may wish to provide access to your bookkeeper and accountant. Again, BioTrack provides the ability to allow access to only the relevant parts of your data which will allow your bookkeeper to work remotely or for your accountant to see your full set of transaction, both current and historical. This save time, travel and inconvenience for all.

Agricultural advisor

A similar option is possible for your agricultural advisor (or Ministry agricultural advisor / inspector) to monitor your record keeping before actually visiting the farm

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