User  Manual – Stock Control

The Stock Control section of BioTrack is used for managing stocks of raw materials, finished products, and products that you resell. Stock control is a central part of organic food tracibility. It is essential to manage stocks carefully in order to be able to demonstrate the organic probity of your products. Bio-Track allows for 2 systems of stock management:

  • Physical Stock Control
  • Stock Deduction

Physical Stock Control

This is the traditional system of taking a count of physical stocks at regular intervals.

Stock deduction

This is the system of automatic deduction of stocks during production, and sale.

Which system is best?

In Bio-Track, both systems operate simultaneously, which means that you can start with a simple Physical Stock Control system and later move to Stock deduction if you wish or vice versa. Stock deduction is often favoured by producers with bulky raw materials that are awkward or difficult to quantify in a stock take.

Both systems are acceptable for the purposes of  Organic inspection. Stock deduction does provide more uptodate financial information about your stock holdings.

In both cases, there must be at least one initial physical stock take of raw materials, finished products and resale products (if you have them).

Click on the links below to see a detailed description of each function of the Stock Control System section and how to use it:

Stock Control – Getting started

Firstly you need to define a stock control event. A stock control event is just a definition of what the stock take is for and the date of the stock take, for example, “End of Year Raw Material Stocks 2010″.  These “events” are defined under the Reference data >Stock option in the main menu:

Stock Controls

Stock Control Reports

Your stock control is key to your organic inspection and its important to ensure that the physical stock is accurately reflected in your stock control reports. We suggest that all stock control reports be verified by random physical checks before inspection. Here is a list of the Bio-Track stock reports that are available to you. All Reports are fully interactive, which means that you can tailor your own reports, based on these standard reports, to suit your own business: 

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