User manual – Document Tracking

BioTrack provides several modules for the storage, management and retrieval of original documents. Click on these links for a description of these modules:

Document Tracking (storage and retrieval of original documents)

The need to keep and present original documents is central many organic and health regulations (as well as for reasons of tax accounting). The types of documents which must be maintained include:

  1. Organic Certificates for your own farm and other operations
  2. Organic Certifications for your supplier and their products
  3. Original supplier invoices
  4. Original Sales invoices
  5. Health certifications for your raw materials (food products)
  6. Technical specifications for your packaging products
  7. Technical specifications for Pest Control products
  8. Technical specifications for Cleaning materials
  9. Food labaratory Test Results
  10. Food laboratory Hygiene Test Results
  11. Test results supporting HACCP controls

In addition to this, many producers like to keep a copy of the relevant production and health standards for their products, for easy access.

This quickly mounts up to a lot of original documents which need to be kept and which need to be readily accesible during an inspection.

BioTrack document storage

BioTrack encorporates a rapid document storage and retrieval system which allows you to save any form of electronic document in the database with a record of what the document is, when it arrived and when it will expire (if ever).

There is no limit to the type or size of document which can be stored and retrieved.

For supplier documents, the document can also be stored and associated with the supplier. This is particularly useful for organic and health certificates and technical specifications.

For purchase invoices, the documents are added when the invoice is entered with a simple single “browse and save”. The original invoice image is then store with the invoice details.

Document Retrieval

Documents are simple to retrieve. Simply locate the associated document record (invoice, certificate etc). Click on download and the document (whatever type) will be presented immediately on screen, ready to email, print or just review.

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