User manual – Hygiene / Food Safety

The Hygiene and Food Safety component of BioTrack is primarily dedicated to the implementation of the WHO and European norms for hygiene and food safety in the Food industry, including HACCP. However, it also provides additional facilities for the implimentation of a Quality Assurance and Product testing regime.

In addition, BioTrack provides a means of developing and maintaing your HACCP and associated plans as  products are added. It can also be used to develop and collate a new application for Food Safety certification from your local health authority and to add new products  or product categorie to your existing Food Safety Crtification.

This part of BioTrack is primarily used by food processing operators, shops and restaurants (rather than farms that only produce raw materials. However it is also designed for use by MEM farms that produce milk, eggs and meat on the farm.

The main components of the BioTrack Hygiene and Food Safety section are divided as follows: Click to see the relevant chapter.

Hygiene Registers:

Here the main hygiene record-keeping takes place, such as routine hygiene test results for water quality etc

Food Safety Tools

Here you can find tools to help with managing you food safety regime, including your document library, a way of generating default hygiene registry results and a utility to help you apply for Health Certification

Quality and Testing

Here you can define a Quality Assurance and Product Testing regime and keep results.


In this section, you can define and maintain an entire HACCP and associated plans of implementation.


Here you will find all the mandatory reports you will need for your inspection, and to produce an HACCP application.

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