User Manual – Pre-requisites

Preparing to use BioTrack

1 – Pre-requisites

You need the following to use BioTrack:

  • A basic internet connection
  • A recent browser version (IE v8 or up or any other fairly recent browser, Chrome, etc)
  • The basic steps to get started with BioTrack are as follows:

2 – Getting started

  • Get a user access to BioTrack (HERE)
  • Prepare and load your basic reference data
  • Check your reference data is accurate
  • Prepare all the documents you plan to store in BioTrack (scan and save as .pdf, for example).
  • Load all these documents to the BioTrack document repository
  • Start to make transactions in BioTrack

3 – Reference Data

What is reference data?

Reference data is all the supporting data for BioTrack. It includes things like Customer Types, Supplier details, customer data, product details etc. Without good reference data, BioTrack will not be very useful, so it is really IMPORTANT to spend time to get your reference data correct before you begin to use BioTrack.Reference data

How do you enter reference data?

Well, if you are a small organic operator you can enter the reference data manually in BioTrack. However, if you have large volumes of reference data, you should contact us directly ( and we can provide you with a low-cost, fast upload option to get your reference data into BioTrack without manual entry from a group of formatted Excel spreadheets, which we will provide you.  We can also provide you with a means of backloading your legacy data into BioTrack.

4. Preparing documents to store in BioTrack

There is basically no limit to the types of document you can store in BioTrack but these are the obvious ones we suggest you store:

  • Organic certificates (own and others)
  • Health certifications (own and others)
  • Food Lab reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Incoming Invoices
  • Food Safety standards (national, EU, WHO, FAO etc)
  • Training certificates (employees)
  • Specifications for cleaning materials
  • Specifications for packaging

You may have some documents in electronic format already, but if not you will need to scan the documents. After scanning, we strongly recommend you save the documents as .pdf format. This is a compact format and is very fast to save / retrieve to and from the BioTrack database. If you need advice, just ask.

5 – Where to start? A roadmap to full implementation

Here are the steps you should take to bring BioTrack into your operations:

  • Step 1:  Load and Verify Reference Data.
  • Step 2: Backload legacy data
  • Step 3:  Create a stock control for all of your raw materials, finished and resale products (as applicable to your business)
  • Step 4: Test data entry for invoices, orders, production records etc. Delete test records.
  • Step 5: If Step 4 is successful, you are ready to go!!
  • Step 6: Any problems at any stage contact us (HERE), we will help you!


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