BioTrack – Built by organic producers for organic producers 

Cloud technology for the organic sector

document managementBioTrack is, above all, a response to the spiralling level of administrative and regulatory paperwork in the food industry, particularly the organic food industry. BioTrack uses the technology of “cloud computing”, which means it requires no installation or maintenance by you. All system administration is handled centrally and securely….. leaving you to get on with the farming and leave the technology to us.BioTrack provides you with a complete, high quality , secure system suite for your certified organic business….. on demand, at a reasonable cost.

Here are a few features:

  • Purchase and Sales accounts
  • Product traceability
  • Production quality control
  • Regulatory management (HACCP-ECO-TAX-AGRI)
  • Agricultural Enterprise Analysis
  • Document-storage and tracking
  • Customer invoicing
  • Order processing (In and Out)
  • HACCP design and development
  • Health control  (water, hygiene, pest-control, maintenance, training, temperature)
  • Food testing and Quality assurance
  • Stock-control (raw, finished and resale)
  • Customer accounting
  • Financial management information
  • Tax and VAT Returns
  • Product development and Costing
  • Interfaces to most Web Shops
  • Remote inspection option (Health, Eco, Agriculture, Tax, Accounting)
  • Automatic Alert System (low stock, inspection, old document etc)

How does it work?

Bio-TRACK runs across a secure network via the internet which means you have nothing to install on your PCs. You simply register, logon and start using BioTrack.

We run a small (expandable) cluster of  servers at our facilities here in Southern Spain.  We use a high-reliability, high-speed, synchronous internet uplink and we currently provide 99.5% uptime. We  currently have capacity for approximately 1000 organic enterprises, and we will add further capacity on demand, without limit. We are actively seeking partners to host and manage additional local server clusers.

How much does it cost?

Costs are flexible, depending on the size of your business. Very small producers pay a very small quaterly fee for full access to the BioTrack service. Larger organic farmers or producers with higher volumes of transactions pay a little more.

BioTrack is a (deliberately) low-cost service. We, at Cornelio Organics, are fully aware of the difficulties and costs of small and medium sized organic producers. We all face the same regulatory burdens whether we are a tiny cottage industry or a large organic cooperative. So, for us, keen pricing is a vital factor.

We believe BioTrack is an ideal, tailored solution for the small and medium sized producer. In all cases, we are convinced that BioTrack is a safe, cost effective means of managing your organic food business in an efficient and secure way with zero capital investment.


BioTrack was designed, built and is managed by Cornelio Organics, Cortijo Cornelio in Andalucia, Spain. We are a cooperative of certified organic farmers and producers, with decades of experience in organic food production.

We are also fortunate to have, within our group, a lot of mature commercial IT experience. We have brought our passion for organic farming into a synergy with our knowledge of information technology and the result is BioTrack.

Bio-Track is a new concept. We provide “big-business software systems” to small producers at a reasonable cost, to allow the small producer to manage the disproportionate level of regulatory controls and administration associated with organic food production on a small scale.

If you are an organic producer and the concept of finally getting control of your adminsitration interests you, feel free to contact us for a FREE TRIAL of Bio-TRACK and more details.

Malcolm Coxall


Cortijo Cornelio

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