Product Costing for organic manufacturers

This is relevant to organic manufacturers and restaurants. Managing product costings when you have a dynamic, seasonal variations in raw materials costs and many packaging formats can be a real headache.

BioTrack incorporates an automated system of continuous product costing, which means that whenever a material or packaging cost changes, all products using the affected materials are automatically updated, so you can always see the real manufacting cost and profits generated by your finished products at all times. No more spreadsheets!!

RRP, Wholesale pricing and Internet shop pricing

In order to control your gross profit margins, BioTrack allows you to set the target profit margin for sale of a product (or resale of a product) to the public (RRP), to a shop (Wholesale margin) or to the public on the internet. Changes in costs or margins automatically update these final prices. This is particularly useful in balancing profit margins so as to maintain keen prices and still achieve a living profit.

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