Stock Control

BioTrack allows for 3 types of stock controls:

  • Raw Materials (All users except shops)
  • Finished Products (Manufacturers / Restaurants)
  • Resale Products (Shops / Wholesalers)

Physical stock controls can be undertaken at anytime against any type of stock. Stock valuation is automatic using the latest cost prices you have entered. Changing cost prices does not revalue your stock, but it is possible to intervene and alter stock valuations manually if there are changes in unit costs.

Stock Deduction

Using Stock deduction as a means of stock valuation or for the purposes of inspection is optional. However, stock deduction is always automatic and that means you can gradually move from a process of physical stock control to stock deduction over time. Stock deduction only becomes accurate after your first physical stock control.

Stock Reports

A full set of interactive reports is available in BioTrack to evaluate stock valuations for product types etc and for any period. These user-defined reports can be saved and the results can be downloaded in convenient formats (csv, pdf, etc) and are extremely flexible,

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